La ricerca Kindof si concentra su elementi e complementi d'arredo costruiti con un’ unica bacchetta  di tondo d'armatura nervato senza giuntare

Unique indoors & outdoors furnitures entirely built with single ribbed steel rebars

Kindof produces single elements and mixed components for in&outdoor spaces, entirely built with the use of single ribbed steel rebars, without joints. The steel rebar is produced industrially for the manufacture of construction scaffolding which, when enclosed within concrete, constitutes the basic support for architectural edifices. Steel rebars have fascinated designers and artists around the world for their rough and coarse quality which, when creatively interpreted, is capable of transforming and mutating into new harmonious and sinuous forms. Kindof manipulates the rebar to create new geometries balanced between productivity, aesthetics, functionality and performance. The objects presented by Kindof are all copyright protected as industrial inventions, and every single piece is hand-produced and a guarantee of high quality.

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